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The INTEGRA platform - an AI-boosted solution for personalized care with applications for the different users in hospitals, clinics and health insurance. 


We deliver a “patient centered technology” –agnostic whether it is a frontal care or a virtual care – always having the relevant information in front of the health professionals - integrated from the different patients' care professionals.


The INTEGRA platform contains applications for monitoring (frontal or remote) chronic diseases (one or more) - applications that involve not just the health professionals but also patient-engagement and (optionally) also caregivers.

INTEGRA Logo.png
INTEGRA’s main objective is to implement the first cost-effective “of-the-shelve” AI-boosted “smart” healthcare platform focused on Unlocking data for Precision Health with “Smart Telehealth” embedded as part of the system. INTEGRA revolutionizes the way healthcare can be delivered –personalized to each patient!
In these days, when the COVID-19 pandemic became a major burden on health systems - INTEGRA enables all systems to use telehealth and remote monitoring of chronic diseases - an integral part of existing systems.
INTEGRA is composed from the following modules:

- LifeOnKey Platform 

Using these modules - we customize our solutions to deliver this and more:

     - a growing variety of applications and services using wearables and sensors 

     - two-way video, email, smart phones 

     - wireless tools and other forms of telecommunications technology      

     - intertwined with a HIPAA compliant interoperable health platform


Medical Rule Engine 

     – Allows physicians and medical organizations define the rules (no need of programming) which will automatically analyze the data from EMR, sensors and wearables - and will initiate alerts to the medical system, insurance and the patient (including informal caregiver if necessary)

Includes an Action Engine for setting the alerts, and how, when  and to whom it will be displayed. A dashboard is then delivered to health professional, patients, and also to admins - not with content, but with an urgency to be dealt with.

Heading 6

     Research Platform

     – Facilitates the aggregation and analysis of anonymous health data, providing institutions, health

        providers and researchers with decision-support tools to identify trends and optimize outcomes.


     Personal Health Platform 

    -  Powers individuals to access and manage their health information with innovative, condition-specific

       health and wellness tools - using a mobile app and/or the website.

   -  Informal Caregiver view and participation, upon permission from the user/patient



bridge between EDC and EMR

    This innovative solution is the first in clinical trial that seamlessly integrates the EMR and Personal Health

     Record (PHR), with EDC software used in clinical trials. It comes on the heels of FDA’s draft guidance on

     “Electronic Source Documentation in Clinical Investigations,” and the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

     “Reflection Paper on Expectations for Electronic Source Data and Data Transcribed to Electronic Data

     Collection Tools in Clinical Trials” 

   -  This solution also includes INTEGRA IoT-HUB, to facilitates the use of IoT in clinical trials.

-LifeOnKey SaaS Subscription Model 

Absorbable, affordable, flexible, lower total cost of ownership and support


Organizations/Practices/Hospitals can quickly and easily benefit from the LifeOnKey’s innovative platform, applications and products without the typical upfront costs with LifeOnKey’s SaaS subscription model, an alternative to purchasing the system.

For a fixed monthly cost, this solution packages everything a client needs to go to the next level of healthcare technology, including: state-of-the-art hosting, implementation, training, maintenance, and superior client support.


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