LifeOnKey’s user-friendly platform empowers individuals by pairing comprehensive health and wellness information with online tools to help them make better, more informed choices, more effectively manage their care and improve their quality of life. 


Unlike PHRs provided by a single institution or physician, LifeOnKey’s Personal Health Record application puts patients in control, enabling them to work with their doctors and health care providers to achieve new standards of personalized care. 


  • - The Only PHR an Individual Needs – Through LifeOnKey’s PHR, individuals can create a complete health picture, bringing together a full personal health history as well as information and digital images from all health care providers. 

  • - Advanced Tools to Manage Personal Health – With a few mouse clicks, patients – or family members – can do everything from checking test results to scheduling appointments to updating their doctor on home monitoring results to creating a family health tree. 

  • - Convenience and Control for Families – Using LifeOnKey, parents can actively manage their children’s health information, maintain organized records, receive alerts on immunization schedules and track developmental milestones.  This feature also helps families manage the critical responsibilities that go along with caring for elderly relatives with complex medical histories and treatment regimes. 

  • - Mobile Access – LifeOnKey allows comprehensive medical data to be viewed in multiple languages from multiple technology sources – from laptop computers to mobile phones.

  • - Customized Disease Management and Wellness Tools – LifeOnKey provides easy-to-use tools to help patients monitor and manage disease and live healthier lives.  Patients can access information related to specific conditions and stages of life; participate in wellness programs; search sources of medical and health information; and join social networking communities, among other features. 






















Based on the PHR Application, LifeOnKey has developed various products. More products are in development. All LifeOnKey products maintain the same high standards for security, privacy and (HIPAA) compliance. Our product line has been developed with medical expertise to create a Continuity of Care Record (CCR) that exceeds basic health industry standards, providing the most comprehensive PHR available. Each personal health record product is built on this medically designed Continuity of Care Record (CCR) and is further customized to the consumer individual health needs. 

If consumer is committed to a healthy lifestyle and concerned with living well, nutrition and fitness, our customized Total Health Planner is for him/her. Other customized modules and health tools are designed for life stages, such as pregnancy, or condition management, such as diabetes.  All are easy to use and go well beyond basic emergency care information.


Our products are designed with convenient and flexible features so consumer can for instance, easily switch from one language to another or download a copy of their health information to a USB memory device for travel and safety purposes, such as a cell phone or PDA. All products include Total Health Planner, the all-purpose PHR to manage general medical information and monitor healthy lifestyle goals.











LOK for Total Health Planner™ The Total Health Planner is a basic health profile (PHR) that allows consumers to collect all of their health information from various providers and use health tracking tools to manage factors that impact their health such as daily nutrition intake and physical activity. Through the health profile, consumers will have access to important health information and tools, empowering them to take control of their health. This product is right for individuals and families who want to better manage their health.


Examples of special features:


  • - Import health data from different external sources.

  • - Create a HealthBook to chronicle your important health information.

  • - Download images and lab results.

  • - Create an interactive genetic Family Tree.

  • - Target a health information Google™ search from within your health profile.

  • - Change your health profile to different foreign languages depending on your travel location.

LOK Lifecycle Series: Girls to Women™ These guides are tailored to each stage of a woman’s reproductive life: from pre-menstruation through menstruation, pregnancy, maturity and beyond. And, it includes all the health and wellness features offered in the Total Health Planner:











- LOK for Women™ - let’s women create a customized and easily changeable personal health record based on their health concerns, needs or goals at every life stage: such as preventing pregnancy, trying to conceive, managing a serious health issue or chronic condition, coping with menopause, and preventing heart disease and osteoporosis. It includes female specific health tools such as the Women's Health Screenings interactive chart based on age, the Hormonal Lifecycle tool, and a Menstrual & Mood diary.


- LOK for Girls™ - let’s a teenage girl track and learn about the physical and mental changes she may be experiencing, encouraging her to practice self care as she matures into womanhood. COMING SOON.

Lifecycle Series : Pregnancy & High Risk Pregnancy As part of our Lifecycle Series: Girls to Women, the Pregnancy personal health record gives an expectant mother the ability to track her condition during the entire 40 weeks of her pregnancy. It includes a 12-month PHR for the mother-to-be and 6-month PHR for the newborn.










You can: 


  • - Collect prenatal health information and other medical information from health providers.

  • - Use a pregnancy planner to track the nine months of pregnancy and various gestational milestones over the trimesters

  • - Track the baby’s fetal growth in uterus over time

  • - Receive alerts or reminders for ultrasound or prenatal appointments

  • - Create a genetic family tree for yourself that can eventually be integrated into the baby’s LifeOnKey health portfolio.

  • - Begin the baby’s file. Once the baby is born, LOK will automatically generate the newborn’s health profile, which includes pregnancy history and fetal and genetic information that will accompany your child through his/her lifetime.


As part of this Lifecycle Series, the High-Risk Pregnancy personal health record gives an expectant high-risk mother the ability track her pregnancy by automatically collecting all the important health data necessary to monitor her and her unborn baby's condition. The High Risk Pregnancy PHR is best for any woman who has been told by her doctor that her pregnancy is high-risk, such as having a chronic health condition, gestational diabetes, or is carrying multiples.


You can:


  • - Download data from medical devices directly into your medical file, such glucometers, glycemic and blood pressure meters, weight scales, etc.

  • - Monitor diet and see how what you eat affects glucose levels, and overall health of you and your unborn baby

  • - Manage medication and nutrition goals

  • - Receive alerts if target levels, such as glucose, are out of range

  • - Monitor and track the prenatal condition of your growing baby

Health Management Series: Diabetes ™ Already a flagship product in Europe, the Diabetes personal health record is tailored to manage this chronic condition. This plan is great for individuals living with diabetes or caring for someone who is diabetic. It includes the Total Health Planner to monitor diet and fitness goals, and a HealthBook to log all health provider names, addresses and appointments.










Consumers can:


  • - Upload data from home medical devices (i.e., glucometers, tension meters, scales, etc.) – by going online, without the need to install additional software.

  • - Set glucose targets, enter diet info and learn from easy to read charts and graphs how what and when you eat affects your blood sugar levels so you can make better daily choices and control your health.

  • - Receive automatic alerts if the values recorded are outside the normal boundaries.

  • - Find high quality health information and interactive tools in the Diabetes and Wellness Centers.



LifeonKey provides tools & information to help consumers manage their health

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