LifeOnKey is an innovative provider of a health platform and solutions for connected healthcare. It develops and markets the INTEGRA™ suite of products, a proven smart Telehealth platform that enables healthcare stakeholders to meaningfully integrate and leverage their information assets, driving improvements in the quality, and efficiency of patient care.

INTEGRA™ is a web-based solution that transforms the way health information is collected, managed, and analyzed.


This online health information technology platform allows for the secure aggregation and exchange of medical data among every major stakeholder in the health care system through a suite of applications and products:


Web EHR for physicians + rich PHR for individuals + research center aggregating data for clinical trials


Enables communication of medical data and information across the health landscape, connecting physicians, consumers, patients, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, payers, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and marketers


Applications meet all meaningful use standards The LifeOnKey leadership team combines vast and diverse Information Technology know-how, a clear understanding of the complexity of the healthcare space combined with entrepreneurial and corporate experience.


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