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The INTEGRA platform is a game-changer solution – by bringing into the market an “of-the-shelve” platform that can be implemented either independently or on top of existing systems - enabling 
and has a dual purpose: 

(i)  An AI-boosted solution for personalized care (for hospital, clinics, health insurance and pharma) for all its different users – bringing a “patient centered technology” – that and is agnostic whether it is a frontal-physical meeting or a virtual meeting – while having all information/systems relevant present at all time; and for


(ii)  By unlocking Data for health professionals it brings measurement tools for value, a robust medical rule engine; and a machine learning and analytics for the data which will definitely serve all stakeholders. We offer an “add-on” platform that will enable hospitals and clinics to immediately upgrade their IT solution to fit the most innovative demands.

Unlocking data is crucial since, the amount of health data being created is growing at a 48% rate annually.

INTEGRA  is suite of modules that all together take care of the process of delivering a solution – in which each module is innovative, “smart” powered by Machine Learning and other AI algorithms. INTEGRA brings significant amounts of unstructured patient’s data and contextualize them together with clinical research data. The aim is to gain insights from the patients, the payers and the practitioners which will be transformed into specific workflows that can be brought into the clinical world. This is the way INTEGRA unlocks healthcare data to deliver better patient care.

Integra Modules.png
All pour solutions are based on this innovative architecture - that makes INTEGRA ripe and dynamic to deliver the best solutions and customize them for the need of our clients.
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