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board of directors


Richard Fishman


Lawyer, technology executive and venture capitalist – In 1972 Richard founded and directed the first Housing and Economic Development Law Program in the southern U.S.. In 1977, Richard became partner at the national law firm, Kutak Rock, and built one of the largest housing finance practices in the U.S. Subsequently, at the international law firm, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, he headed the firm's Structured Finance practice, representing Wall Street investment banks in structuring and issuing corporate and asset-backed securities. He served as Managing Partner of the Washington, DC, offices of both firms. In 1994, Richard became President of Thinking Machines Corporation, which developed and manufactured the world's fasted supercomputers at the time. He reorganized and restructured Thinking Machines, selling its three core components to three major tech companies. As Thinking Machine's employees moved on to create new businesses in the early days of the Web, Richard was sought out as advisor and investor, and through three successive venture capital vehicles, had the good fortune to participate in nine IPOs. Richard has served on the boards of numerous publicly-traded and privately-held companies, and non-profit organizations.

Linda Harnevo

Co- Founder

Dr. Harnevo is the inventor of the LifeOnKey™ concept and technology. She is presently responsible for the management and guidance of the global company, the technology and new business development in the United States. Dr. Harnevo is an avid entrepreneur, and a renowned expert in visualization technology in Israel and abroad. She has many years of experience in executive management, software design, software development and expert system design. Dr. Harnevo has served as a senior consultant in leading technology companies in the USA, Europe and Israel and serves on the Board of Directors of publicly traded International companies.

Moshe Farin

Co- Founder

Moshe Farin - Co-Founder and COO   Mr. Farin together with Dr. Harnevo provide the business vision of the Company. He is also responsible to ensure that the Company is able to achieve its vision and goals through sophisticated business models. Mr. Farin joined Dr.

Harnevo to commercialize the LifeOnKey™ and is responsible for the business development in Israel and in Europe.

Mr. Farin has over 20 years of experience in management and business development in the Israel

Local Authorities Data Processing Center, that are responsible for the computerization of the municipalities in Israel and all significant eGoverment initiatives.

Mr. Farin holds a MBA and a B.Sc. in Mathematics and computer science, both from Tel Aviv University.

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