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Enhancing the health of plan members can be a huge lever for insurance companies looking to lower the total cost of health care delivery – and PHRs are an important instrument in that regard. 

Through LifeOnKey’s PHR, individuals can create a complete health picture, bringing together a full personal medical history as well as information and digital images from all health care providers.  No other health record offers such a robust, easy-to-use combination of customized tools, convenience and control – accessible in multiple languages from multiple technology sources.  

By making LifeOnKey PHRs part of its standard benefits package, an insurer can help healthy members stay healthy, while making it easier for members with chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes) to manage their day-to-day monitoring and care.


Enabling individuals to take charge of their health and wellness

PHRs provide an easy, convenient, secure vehicle for individuals to become more involved in monitoring their own well-being.  As a result, PHR users are likely to be more focused on prevention, scheduling timely checkups and tests, following a sensible diet and getting regular exercise – behaviors that yield lower health care costs over the long run.


Improving care of chronic illnesses

LifeOnKey provides easy-to-use tools to help patients cope with different diseases and stages of life, enabling better compliance with doctors’ orders and ultimately lower health care costs.  For example, a diabetic can instantly upload glucose monitoring results, record food intake and exercise levels, and communicate with his or her doctor about adjusting insulin levels as needed.  


Provides Access to Valuable Data

LifeOnKey’s platform was specifically designed to aggregate completely anonymous, non-identifiable information for the research community while ensuring the highest levels of security, privacy and authentication.  Our attention to data architecture makes LifeOnKey a powerful platform for health care providers and payers to analyze performance and improve medical processes and delivery of care. 


On-demand access to real-time, anonymous, longitudinal data

Insurers can collect, store and analyze data for their own members and compare anonymous patient data from other institutions regionally, nationally and internationally.  In other words, insurers gain access to a wealth of data beyond their own customer base, allowing them to benchmark performance and outcomes across multiple dimensions. 

Sophisticated data-mining capabilities – LifeOnKey’s Research Center application allows users to develop a comprehensive analytical view of targeted populations based on disease, demographic criteria or other factors.  As a result, insurers are better equipped to monitor compliance among particular segments, spot emerging trends, influence policy and practice, and cut costs in long run.  


Aids Retention of Corporate and Individual Customers  

Nearly all companies are looking for ways to rein in the cost of providing health care coverage for their employees.  Offering timely data and trend analysis that helps employers get a better handle on health care costs can enhance the insurance company’s value proposition.

Likewise, for individuals who shoulder the full cost of their coverage, an insurer-provider PHR that includes free tools and information may be a valuable retention tool .


Offers Low Total Cost of Ownership

Most health IT products require heavy up-front costs, replacement of existing systems and annual license, maintenance and upgrade fees – as well as costly consulting engagements to  implement and integrate these systems.  LifeOnKey is different – a cloud computing solution that requires minimum implementation and support resources.

Compatible With Legacy Systems – LifeOnKey works with any other application and database, allowing it to run side-by-side or above legacy systems and making it easy to install, manage and maintain.


Easily Tailored

Our flexible platform enables insurers to offer their members a customized, co-branded solution powered by LifeOnKey.

Encourages Adoption of EHRs by Physicians Three out of four unaffiliated doctors in the US do not have a health information management solution.   Starting in 2011, U.S. government incentives for modernization of medical record keeping and “meaningful use” of health IT may encourage these doctors to install EHRs.


LifeOnKey can serve as the middleware platform for integrating physicians’ data on insurance company members.  This would require members to authorize such information sharing or physicians to transfer anonymous data.


Provides Consistently Comprehensive View of Members

By equipping new and existing members with a PHR, insurance companies gain a clearer, more complete profile of their customers, enabling more efficient operations.  


If you’re ready to hear more about LifeOnKey for Health Plans, contact the LifeOnKey business development team:


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