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Provides Comprehensive, Long-Term View of Patient

Unlike other Patient Health Records, LifeOnKey’s patient data is not captive to a single health care institution – whether insurer or health provider.This provides pharmaceutical companies with a comprehensive, long-term view of the patient, not simply a snapshot from a single health information source nor an extract from an electronic medical record.

With this advantage, pharmaceutical firms can track specific patient groups, following product use and patient outcomes over the long term.By drawing upon LifeOnKey’s de-identified, aggregated patient data, pharmaceutical companies can isolate health trends and product usage, and analyze long-term outcomes important to new drug development, drug safety and overall research.


Enhances Data Integrity and Data Portability

LifeOnKey is built to aggregate anonymous, de-identified data.The system’s architecture and database procedures were designed to completely safeguard all personal medical information, giving patients the confidence they need to create full health histories based on complete medical information.

Since individual patients control their data and because their data is fully portable – not restricted to a single insurer or provider – researchers are more likely to have access to data that only patients know, such as family health history, lists of non-prescription medications being taken and other information that might not be captured by an insurer-provided PHR.


Accelerates and Optimizes Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Through its Research Center, LifeOnKey offers a dedicated application for research and clinical trials that provides on-demand access to real-time, anonymous, longitudinal data.Anonymous data can be compared across health care institutions regionally, nationally and internationally.

LifeOnKey provides a unique Profiling Module that helps pharmaceutical companies identify relevant patient profiles and anonymously approach patients for participation in clinical trials.

LifeOnKey patient profiles are auto-populated with data from all external sources.  Data mining can be mapped to specific needs based on disease, demographic sector or customer base, providing a comprehensive analytical view of the targeted populations and accelerating recruitment for clinical trials. 

Unlike traditional point solutions, LifeOnKey offers the industry’s only end-to-end Clinical Trial Module which integrates PHR, EHR and clinical trial data.This module fully supports Phase 4 testing.



Facilitates Communication and Educational Opportunities Between Pharmaceutical Companies and Patients/Consumers

LifeOnKey creates multiple opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to educate and communicate with patients.Closed communities allow pharmaceutical companies to communicate and interact directly with patients.

Through LifeOnKey, companies can reach patients/consumers with advertising and information targeted to medication, condition, diagnosis or other data points in a PHR.Since medical data is de-identified, direct communications with patients can be conducted anonymously, privately and confidentially, but with the assurance that each patient meets the criteria targeted by the company.

LifeOnKey creates an important new channel that allows pharmaceutical companies to rapidly convey information to targeted audiences regarding drug safety, adverse reactions or other health issues.


Encourages Adoption of EHRs by Physicians

Three out of four unaffiliated doctors do not have a health information management solution.

LifeOnKey’s easy-to-implement, affordable EHR module can accelerate adoption by physicians and provide an information link between pharmaceutical companies and physicians.


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