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Offers Capability to Digitally Monitor patients


Our Telehealth Platform enables hospitals, expert clinics, and individual physicians to extend their services by providing applications to digitally monitor patients with chronic diseases or to overview their wellness activities - using wearables and sensors data in the patients' homes, and using the LifeOnKey Rule Engine to analyze the data and enable them getting alerts and manage them.


Offers Compatibility and Easy Implementation


Most health IT products require heavy up-front costs, replacement of existing systems and annual license, maintenance and upgrade fees – as well as costly consulting engagements to implement and integrate these systems.  LifeOnKey is different – a cloud computing solution that is compatible with all existing data systems and requires minimum implementation and support resources. 

LifeOnKey is affordable, easy to manage and maintain and is implemented quickly.


  • Runs With Legacy Systems – LifeOnKey works with any other application and database, allowing it to run side-by-side or above legacy systems.


  • Predictable Upfront and Ongoing Costs – LifeOnKey can be customized without an extensive design-development cycle and updated automatically, eliminating costly software upgrades.


 a Full-Featured PHR, Strengthen RelationshipsEnables Hospitals to Offer Patients


Our flexible platform enables hospitals to offer patients a customized, co-branded, full-featured PHR solution powered by LifeOnKey.  This is much more than an extract from an electronic medical record.  LifeOnKey’s user-friendly platform provides real value to the patient and can be a unique differentiator in the hospital marketplace. 


Through LifeOnKey’s PHR, patients can:


  • Create a complete health picture, bringing together a full personal medical history as well as information and digital images from all health care providers. 


  • Take charge of their well-being – We empower patients by pairing comprehensive health and wellness information with secure online tools to help them make better, more informed choices, more effectively manage their care and improve their quality of life.  PHR users are likely to be more focused on prevention, scheduling timely checkups and tests, following a sensible diet and getting regular exercise – behaviors that yield lower health care costs over the long run.


  • Manage day-to-day monitoring and care of chronic illnesses – LifeOnKey provides easy-to-use tools to help patients cope with different diseases and stages of life, enabling better compliance with doctors’ orders and ultimately lower health care costs.   For example, a diabetic can instantly upload glucose monitoring results, record food intake and exercise levels, and communicate with his or her doctor about adjusting insulin levels as needed.  


No other provider offers such a robust, easy-to-use combination of customized tools, convenience and control – accessible in multiple languages from multiple technology sources. 


Facilitates the Exchange of Health Information


LifeOnKey takes the traditional electronic health record to a new level, allowing hospitals and other health care institutions to not only collect medical data electronically, but to exchange it both vertically and horizontally across the health care system. 


  • Fully Interoperable – LifeOnKey can collect patient data regardless of source or format and serve as a gateway to expand, extend and transform the sharing of health information. 


  • Anywhere, Anytime Access – LifeOnKey’s fully portable Electronic Health Records make critical medical information available 24/7 at the point of need – via Internet, cell phone, PDA or encrypted memory stick. 


  • Automatic Updates Keep Information Current – LifeOnKey can automatically collect all new medical data into a secure patient information network.  This always-up-to-date online file includes patient and provider information, insurance information, allergies, medications, recent procedures, diagnoses, recent care provided and recommendations for future care.


  • Multiple Languages – LifeOnKey is ready out-of-the-box in multiple languages.


Aggregates Anonymous Data


LifeOnKey’s platform was specifically designed to aggregate completely anonymous, non-identifiable information for the research community while ensuring the highest levels of security, privacy and authentication.  Our attention to data architecture makes LifeOnKey a powerful platform for health care providers and payers to analyze performance and improve medical processes and delivery of care. 


  • Full Data Aggregation – LifeOnKey allows data to be collected, stored and analyzed locally.  Anonymous data can be compared across health care institutions regionally, nationally and internationally. 


  • Sophisticated Data Mining – Through its Research Center application, LifeOnKey provides on-demand access to real-time, anonymous, longitudinal data.  Data mining can be mapped to specific needs based on disease, demographic sector or customer base, providing a comprehensive analytical view of the targeted populations.  This application extends well beyond clinical trials, allowing any health organization to apply sophisticated data mining and trend analysis in its business and health decisions. 

  • Improving Health Care Through Better Information – With better data, LifeOnKey can enable health care providers to spot emerging trends and direct medical service.  Researchers are better able to recruit patients who meet clinical trial criteria and to accelerate the development of medicines. 

Ensures Privacy and Data Security


LifeOnKey is built to aggregate anonymous, de-identified data.  The system’s architecture and database procedures were designed to completely safeguard all personal medical information.


  • Patients Control Their Data – Individuals decide what goes into their LifeOnKey PHR; authorize who can access this information; and choose the type of technology to exchange information (PC, mobile phone, PDA, encrypted memory stick).


  • Security Built Into System Architecture – LifeOnKey builds state-of-the-art security features into the architecture of its platform.  All data exchanges feature 128-bit encryption technology.  Multiple firewalls segregate different categories of data to ensure absolute privacy and protection. 


  • Setting the Security Standard – LifeOnKey’s Secure-Safe Privacy-Plus technology is HIPAA compliant, HONcode compliant and Hacker Safe.


Improves the Quality of Care


LifeOnKey can play an important role in modernizing the overall health care system and improving the quality of care. 


  • Reducing Duplicative Tests and Preventing Medical Errors – LifeOnKey’s instant, 24/7 access to comprehensive health information provides the groundwork for accurate diagnosis and treatment, helping doctors avoid redundant tests, reduce errors due to incomplete medical histories and save precious time during emergencies. 


  • Improving Patient Outcomes – LifeOnKey enables patients to review their doctors’ advice, adhere to recommendations and track their progress. 


  • Improving Care of Chronic Illnesses – LifeOnKey instantly organizes complex medical histories, helping patients and their doctors monitor and treat chronic diseases through customized, disease-specific record keeping and engagement tools.


  • Accelerating Medical Research – LifeOnKey provides real-time, anonymous, longitudinal data that is research and trial ready.   By easily aggregating and quickly disseminating the latest data, LifeOnKey greatly improves physician and researcher access to critical medical information and the latest, best-practice data, accelerating the development of life-saving medical treatments.


If you’re ready to hear more about LifeOnKey, contact the LifeOnKey business development team:

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